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Christian Education

Brief Background

As a result of the rapid growth of ECWA, there was the need for a ministry to take care of the spiritual growth of converts and the educational needs of the church. This led to the appointment of Mr. Jim Plueddemann on August 20th, 1966, and the birth of Christian Education Department in 1967. The vision that Jim Pluedemann had for ECWA was to turn every Local Assembly into a Bible School.

Today, Christian education exists at the DCC level coordinated by the Christian Education Organizer (CEO), at the LCC, Christian Education Secretary (CES) and at the LC, Christian Education Elder.

Who We Are

The department coordinates the activities of the various fellowship groups namely:

Men Fellowship, Women Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Boys and Girls Brigade, Students Ministry, and Children Ministry. They also develop and produce study materials for the church.

Mission Statement

ECWA Christian Education Department exist to glorify God by facilitating the growth and development of believers in practical Christian living through sound Biblical teaching/training and the production of Christian materials.



To be a dynamic arm of ECWA, that transforms the Church spiritually and physically, enabling members to defend their faith, raise Godly families and maintain Christian identity in the community.


Identity statement

The department is responsible for coordinating Church Agencies and Ministries for spiritual edification and growth through training, teaching and production for Christian Material.


Past Leaders

  1. Jim Plueddemann          1967 – 1974
  2. Dr. Samaila Kure           1975 – 1979
  3. Prof. Yohanna Byo        1979 – 1981
  4. Dr. Samaila Kure           1981 – 1994
  5. Paris Nadawa                1994 – 2001
  6. Kefas Kulani                  2002 – 2004
  7. Jauda Kinge Zane          2005 – 2006
  8. Dr. Bauda Sambo          2007 – 2012
  9. Jen TivKaa Moses           2013 – 2019
  10. Ishaku Yaro 2019      –    Date

Management Staff

  1. Ishaku Yaro –         Director
  2. Haruna Tukurah –         Resource & Research Coordinator
  3. Dr. Dan Luke –         Youth Ministries Coordinator
  4. Andrew Daniel –         Accountant

Resources produced by the department

  1. Studies in the book of Colossians – Hausa and English
  2. Men Fellowship Bible studies – Hausa and English
  3. Men Fellowship guide – Hausa and English
  4. Book of Isaiah – Hausa and English
  5. Women fellowship guide – Hausa and English
  6. Christian Education Hand Book – Hausa and English
  7. Study for growing Christian 1,2 & 3 – Hausa and English
  8. Adult Sunday sch. Manual – Hausa and English
  9. Pre-Marital Counseling manual
  10. Introduction to Christian Education
  11. Haske a mai koyan karatu 1&2
  12. Women Fellowship Bible studies 1, & 2 – Hausa and English
  13. 1st Peter (Yoruba)
  14. Women Fellowship Membership card – Hausa and English
  15. Youth Fellowship membership card – Hausa and English
  16. Youth fellowship guide – Hausa and English
  17. Certificate for successful completion of tenure in leadership DCC, LCC &DCC
  18. Youth Fellowship magazine.
  19. Book of Ezekiel – Hausa and English
  20. Church Fellowship report form
  21. Adult Sunday School book
  22. Youth fellowship Bible studies English
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ECWA President
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