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Brief History

The Finance Department was established at the registration of ECWA in 1954, with Mr. Earl Mehl who was SIM Finance Director and doubled as ECWA Finance Director. This continued with subsequent SIM Finance Directors until when Dr. Ugbo Mallam was appointed as the first Indigenous Finance Director in 1980.

ECWA subscribes to high principles of probity, prudency, accountability and stewardship. Hence, to maintain a good conscience towards God and men, qualified and professionally trained staff are in place to carry out these functions.

The Department maintains a sound internal control system to safeguard the assets and finances of ECWA.


The mission of this Department is to professionally assist ECWA in identifying potential sources of funds, adequately exploiting such sources and ensuring that funds available are meticulously and judiciously applied to achieve the organizational goal of glorifying God.

Structure & Leadership

The management team at the headquarters is made up of:

  1. The Director                          –         Friday I. Mamman, FCA
  2. The Chief Accountant           –         Emmanuel Gamji, CNA
  3. The Principal Accountant     –         Paul Abok

Accountants/ Bursars at DCCs, Companies, Departments, Units and Institutions are 166 in number as of December 2021.

Cashiers/Account officers at Companies, Departments, Units and DCCs are 172 in number as of December 2021.

Former Directors

  1. Ugbo Mallam                                 1980-1981
  2. Iliya Majam                                   1982-1987
  3. Moses Igunnubole                          1989-1993
  4. Karen Elliot                                    1993
  5. Yakubu La’ah                                 1994-1997
  6. Victor J. Sabo (late)                       1997-1999
  7. Theophilus O. Olalude FCNA         2000-2011
  8. Moses O. Kolawole FCA                 2012-2017
  9. Friday I. Mamman FCA                2018-Date