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Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS of ECWA)

Brief History of EMS

The Department is saddled with the sole responsibility of reaching the Unreached and Unchurched communities in Nigeria and beyond, through Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting and Church Growth. EMS is also responsible for creating mission awareness among ECWA churches to increase the tempo of the Local Churches in the areas of Praying, Giving and Going for missions.

EMS of ECWA, which is one of the largest indigenous mission agencies in Africa, started when the then Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), now Serving In Missions (SIM), saw the need of involving Nigerian indigenes in planting churches across the country and beyond. Therefore, in 1948 a movement began by the name African Missionary Society (AMS), and was changed to EMS in 1964. Though EMS was conceptualized by SIM missionary Douglas C. Percy, it was, however, actualized by Mr. and Mrs. C.K. McElheran who became the first Secretary of the African Missionary Society in 1948. The first indigenous leader of EMS was Rev. Musa Jibo who served between 1950 – 1970.

Continuous Growth of EMS

In 1949, EMS sent her first missionary couple to Tsanyawa in Kano State, Northern Nigeria. From that small beginning, EMS today has over 1,830 missionary couples working in almost all the 36 states of Nigeria and these African countries: Benin, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Zambia, Togo, Kenya, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Sierra Leone and beyond, including United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and Israel. EMS has also contributed greatly to the transformation of many people groups in Nigeria such as Maguzawa, Kambari, Pelu, Gbagyi, Yamma, Mumuye, Kadara and beyond. It is estimated that EMS has been able to reach over 200 people groups, established over 4,000 churches, converted, and discipled directly over a million converts since inception.

The Department has not only transformed lives and planted new churches but also encouraged and motivated many Christians to be involved in missions. Today, we have ECWA churches, fellowship groups and individual members who are supporting missions through EMS.


Enabled by the Holy Spirit, EMS exists to prayerfully identify the less reached people, mobilize, equip and send a dynamic force of believers to preach the wholistic gospel and to disciple believers into church that will in turn reach out to others.


EMS envisions a passionate people who are set apart by the Holy Spirit taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples and nations, that they may worship the living God.

Areas of Ministry

The primary area of ministry for EMS is soul winning, discipleship and church planting. All these is achieved through the following strategic areas of ministry:

  • Prayer & Promotions:
    Promotes the work of EMS through publications – News Letters, Prayer Calendars, Internet and Public Relations activities. It also collects and analyzes missionaries’ reports and research information.
  • Projects & Crisis Relief:
  • Medical Outreach:
    Missionary Health Care by organizing seminars/trainings for missionaries on preventive and curative health care; providing counseling/treatment for sick missionaries and planting of EMS missionary health care clinics in specific un-reached areas where there is no medical facility for the purpose of evangelism.
  • Cross-Border (Foreign Missions):
  • Retreat Centres:
    There are Retreat Centres located in Lakwame in Kaltungo and Rhizha near Jos. Apart from the Hostel and Hall in the centres, there are small rooms built on the mountain purposely for prayers in Jos.

  • Training:
    EMS organizes seminars, workshops and trainings in different areas of ministries to enhance the effectiveness of missionaries both spiritually and academically.
  • EMS Children School:
    To meet the educational needs of of EMS Missionsaries children, EMS founded schools in Lakweme, Jos and Kaduna.
  • Sports Ministry:
    EMS is using sport as a tool in reaching the youths and the younger ones, to transformed their lives both physical and spiritual, strengthening communities in relationship building and restoring broken relationship and conflict between tribes, clans, parents and children etc.
  • City Ministries (Gidan Bege):
    several other areas of ministry including Gidan Bege (House of Hope), which focuses on meeting the human needs of the street children in order to effectively evangelize them. King’s Kids cares for under privileged children; while City Sports, uses sports to reach out to youths.
  • Radio Ministry:
    Radio ministry is centered on the core-north of Nigeria. It broadcasts presently in Hausa and Fulfulde. It has proved to be very powerful and fruitful as many converts are recorded from this part of the country.


The Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS) is headed by Rev. Philips Dudu Elisha.


  1. Philips Dudu Elisha –              Director
  2. Ishaku Katuri         –              Administrator
  3. Yahaya Bungule –                  Home Missions Coordinator
  4. Joshua Yakubu –                     Cross Borders Coordinator
  5. James Saleh –                         Prayer and Promotions Coordinator
  6. Dr. Joseph John –                   Training Coordinator
  7. Elder Joshua Ombugadu –     Head of Finance and Account
  8. Uchey Okoroafor             –    Head of Audit


1.     Rev. Musa Jibo                                  1950-1970

2.     Rev. Dr. Panya Baba                         1970-1988

3.     Rev. Yusufu Barau                            1974

4.     Rev. Maikudi Kure                            1988-1992

5.     Rev. Dawuda Maigari                       1993-1998

6.     Rev. Nahor Samaila                          1999-2004

7.     Rev. James Gabis                               2005-2007

8.     Rev. Adamu Maga                             2007 – 2008

9.     Rev. (Dr.) Stephen Baba Panya          2009 – 2014

10.  Rev. Simon Yako                                2015 – 2020

11.  Rev. Philips Elisha                              2021 – Date


The solution WP consulting came up with combined cutting edge technology with real world practicality. Everyone knew that the systems had to be updated, the real challenge was updating them without disrupting the whole organization in a negative way. The solution was to introduce proper workload management done through computers, while providing mobile platforms to the stakeholders.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.

Banks                                     Account Name:  EMS of ECWA

Zenith Bank                            1010419426

Diamond Bank                        0011572922

First Bank                               2001336577

Access Bank                           0021538319

Union Bank                             0019424344

Diamond Bank                        0025259064 (EMS Schools Account)

Zenith Domiciliary Account 5070081685 (For dollars) 5080014134 (Euros)

Gowans Microfinance Bank   0303000708



EMS is offering special Kingdom Investment Opportunities to you in the following areas:

  1. Join our esteemed Team of supporters as you support one or more missionaries. (For now, the support per missionary is N240, 000 per year).
  2. Pray and Go for full-time or short time mission work in EMS.
  3. Sponsor any of our projects:
  • EMS medical bills and welfare – The average missionary medical bills amount to about ₦3million per year. You can contribute towards subsidizing the bills. There are needs for a doctor and an ambulance estimated to cost about ₦4.9million.
  • EMS missionaries’ children education is grossly inadequate. You can help by sponsoring or contributing towards the school project. You can sponsor a missionary child with N60,000 per year.
  • Printing of EMS newsletters and prayer calendars.
  • Funding for mission facilities and field equipment – 2 Hilux vans, Audio-Visual Equipment, Motorcycles.
  • ‘Jesus Well Project’ for clean water


EMS of ECWA partners with several organisations both within and outside Nigeria. Some of them include:

  1. ECWA and some denominations
  2. German HMK
  3. Sports Friends Nigeria (SFN)
  4. Taste Foundation
  5. Ark Christian Aid Ministry (ACAM) – Africa Services


1.     Increase in urban ministry engagement.

2.     EMS targets recruiting 150 missionaries.

3.     To recruit and train non-traditional or tent making missionaries.

4.     Increase in wholistic aspects, especially in an increasingly crisis-ridden world.

5.  Taking advantage of the media and internet space for effective spread of the gospel


Address: No. 1 Noad Avenue, Jos Plateau State

Phone Numbers:

+234 706 231 3037

+234 816 049 4339

+234 803 367 3654