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Composition of ECWA

The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) comprises the General Church Council, Incorporated Trustees, ECWA Executive, District Church Councils, including all Districts of the Church that shall be established outside Nigeria, Local Church Councils and the Local Churches, Departments, Institutions, Registered members, elected and appointed officers of the different Governing Bodies.

There is a 4-level structure of leadership in ECWA. The highest decision-making body of ECWA is the General Church Council (GCC) comprising the ECWA Executive, Trustees, and 3 delegates each from the various District Church Councils (DCCs), the Directors and Heads of Higher Institutions.

Operational Structure and General Management

The operational structure of ECWA consists of the Headquarters, District Church Councils Departments, Units, Institutions, and Ministries. The General Management is under the leadership, supervision and coordination of the ECWA Executive through the office of the General Secretary as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Church Related Ministries (CRM)

The department is responsible for the coordination and ensuring that pastors in ECWA undergo Pastor’s induction course and pass to be qualified for licensing and ordination.


The Department is saddled with the responsibility of managing, supervising, inspecting, and ensuring moral education and development, spiritual nurture and formation, academic and professional training of those who enrol in ECWA educational institutions.

Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS)

The Department is saddled with the sole responsibility of reaching the Unreached and Unchurched communities in Nigeria and beyond, through Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting and Church Growth.

ECWA Television

ECWA TV Africa was conceived as a major catalyst for the third and fourth agenda of connecting ECWA to the world and as a major means of mobilizing spiritual, physical and material/financial resources for the advancement of the gospel and the Kingdom’s work.

Eternal Love Winning All (ELWA)

ELWA aims at leading people in rural and urban areas into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and building the Church for effective service. This is done through airing of quality programs in indigenous languages, correspondences, and outreach services in partnership with related bodies. 

People Oriented Development (POD) of ECWA

To promote the empowerment of the poor and underprivileged communities in Nigeria, through institutional strengthening for effective community mobilization and capacity building.


The Medical Department is the arm of ECWA responsible for the provision of quality and compassionate health care services on a “not for profit basis”, education, training and community outreaches to the glory of God and for the benefit of all mankind.

ECWA Gowans Microfinance Bank Limited (GMFB)

To be a leading National Microfinance Bank that offers the premium financial banking service in Nigeria.

ECWA Central Pharmacy Limited (ECPL)

ECWA Central Pharmacy Limited (ECPL) exists to glorify God by manufacturing high-quality products and rendering quality services to reach the physical, spiritual and health needs of humanity.

ECWA Production Limited (EPL)

EPL is basically into the production of Today’s Challenge magazine, production of In-house publications, devotionals (Abincin Yini/Food for Today), Hausa Hymnal, Sacred Song and Solos, Step to Baptism), procurement and sale of Christian literature and general commercial printing services

ECWA Portfolio Management Limited (EPML)

EPML is committed to providing superior investment services and delivering capability, knowledge and resources to empower stakeholders to the glory of God.

ECWA Development Finance Scheme Limited (EDFSL)

To mobilize funds for the development and financing of landed properties for ECWA and her members in a profitable and sustainable manner.

ECWA Guest Houses Limited (EGH)

 ECWA Guest Houses provide physical safety, comfort and spiritual refreshment at affordable rates to generate revenue for the Ministry.

ECWA Rural Development Limited (ERD)

The Company was established to help farmers acquire training on improved agricultural techniques, provision of improved Agricultural inputs, quality feeds, day old chicks, veterinary and consultancy services.

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ECWA President
Rev. (Dr) Stephen Baba Panya
ECWA President, ECWA Headquarters

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